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3-Step Treatment for Panic Attacks

For Immediate Release Panic Attack! Carlsbad Psychologist provides new way of understanding the frightening unpredictability of anxiety attacks, worry, and stress… The Aggregate Model of Anxiety-3 Steps Carlsbad, CA “Panic attacks: Anxiety attacks seem to come from nowhere, without warning, and at the worst times, leading many to think they are dying or having a […]

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How Therapy Works

(Download this article as a PDF) THERAPY SHOULD NOT BE MYSTERIOUS… Example: Unlocking Your Mind Mary offered, “I just need to learn to say No.”  She felt that she was too often taken advantage of, and subsequently decided it was time to learn to be more assertive.  Easy, just learn to say No.  Except there […]

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Psychological Defenses

Don’t be so Defensive! (Download this article as a PDF) Heard any of these before? You’re too sensitive… You’re in denial… Stop making excuses… Think more carefully about what the word “defensive” means. When we are defensive (for example, denial is a defense) we are actually protecting ourselves against something that is deeply painful and […]

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Why Women Love the Narcissist

Why Women Love the Narcissist: Women in divorce recovery fight their way back to confidence and happiness with a new self-help program. Download this article as a PDF Carlsbad, CA, 02/06/2010 Narcissism. “It is a hated word that ironically means to love one’s self. Sadly, many women come to develop an intimate understanding of narcissistic […]

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Borderline Personality Disorder–Interpersonal Terrorism

Interpersonal Terrorism-being held captive by Borderline Personality Disorder. When rage, self-hatred, and suicide are a way of life. (Download this article as a PDF) Carlsbad, CA, 05/17/2010 Borderline PD: “Trying to provide support for the borderline person can be like trying to carefully disarm a bomb… Cutting, burning, self-mutilation, suicide attempts, trips to the hospital […]

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Why am I So Anxious?

The Bottom Line The good news is that therapy can make a real difference. Did you know that research shows that therapy is highly effective for anxiety? Fuel has a competent, professional, and superbly trained staff assembled to meet the needs of you or your loved one suffering with anxiety. The treatment for an anxiety […]

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