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I Can’t Sleep! The Reasons why and the solutions | Help with Insomnia Carlsbad, CA

Help with Insomnia Carlsbad, CA  | OC Sports and Wellness, and Fuel for Emotional Health, psychologist—Dr. Jason Camu Foothill Ranch and Carlsbad, CA Download this article as a PDF “My mind won’t turn off. I go over and over things. I worry. I can’t help it and I am totally exhausted…” For many, bedtime is […]

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3-Step Treatment for Panic Attacks

For Immediate Release Panic Attack! Carlsbad Psychologist provides new way of understanding the frightening unpredictability of anxiety attacks, worry, and stress… The Aggregate Model of Anxiety-3 Steps Carlsbad, CA “Panic attacks: Anxiety attacks seem to come from nowhere, without warning, and at the worst times, leading many to think they are dying or having a […]

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