Managing Mental Illness


(For family members, friends, and those with loved one’s suffering from mental illness)

Does someone you know suffer from mental or psychological problems?
Are their problems becoming problems for you?
Is their behavior confusing, even scary?
Are you uncertain about what to do, how to help, or are you finally at your wit’s end?

One in four adults in the United States suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder—translating to a total of 57.7 million people. 90 percent of people who commit suicide also have a diagnosable mental disorder. And the person with mental illness is often not the only one suffering.

It can be devastating to watch someone you care about struggle with emotional and psychological problems. Complicating matters, serious mental illness can be difficult to understand. Without preparation, YOU may find yourself responsible for care.

Symptoms can include:

  • Blaming and failing to take responsibility
  • Unpredictable and frightening mood swings
  • Manipulative behaviors
  • Lack of conscience—profound selfishness
  • Suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts
  • Dramatic (seemingly) attention seeking behaviors
  • Magical thinking
  • Cutting, burning and other forms of self-mutilation
  • Irrational beliefs and odd or bizarre behavior
  • Voices and visual hallucination

Fuel-Centers Specializing in Anxiety, gives you answers!

Managing Mental Illness Seminar (Part I) $49

This brief, densely packed 2-hour course provides information and explanations regarding some of the most troubling symptoms and behaviors. By learning about a person’s problems, you may make decisions that not only help them, but help you protect the quality of your life as well.

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