DBT Program (Dialectical Behavior Therapy)

DBT Program (Dialectical Behavior Therapy)

Individual and Group DBT Available in Carlsbad / San Diego
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Does this sound like You or a Loved One ?

  • Make Impulsive decisions that cause problems, for example with spending, binge eating, sex, substance/alcohol use, reckless driving etc.?
  • Unstable and intensely Charged Relationships that include strong feelings of love and hate?
  • Feel Powerful Anger that is hard to control?
  • Terrified of abandonment? Feel Empty?
  • Uncertain of your identity? Don’t know who you are?
  • Intense and Dramatic Alterations in Moods, that can include deep depression, anxiety and irritability, to rage, fears, or love and passion?
  • Feel like dying is a real option? Tried to commit suicide before?
  • Considered Hurting Yourself, for instance with cutting or burning?
  • Do you ever feel Fearful or paranoid, or even dissociate?

This program is designed for those struggling to manage strong and destructive feelings.

What is DBT?

This is a well-established form of therapy developed by the famed Dr. Marsha Linehan. In many ways it runs contrary to conventional therapy.

Traditional Therapy

  • explores feelings
  • encourages emotional expression
  • may heighten anxiety in the process
  • results in moral conflicts for resolution
  • uncovers painful experiences
  • opens the lid (feelings)
  • has limited structure
DBT Therapy

  • contains feelings
  • encourages emotional regulation
  • offers immediate relief with tools
  • emphasizes what works vs. right and wrong
  • helps to manage painful experiences
  • teaches how to close the lid (feelings)
  • functions like a class/very structured

Finally feel relief for yourself or a loved one…

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Teletherapy Appointments

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