Jason Camu

Jason Camu, Psy. D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist, lic. 17682

Dr. Jason Camu is the nationally recognized psychologist to reality television, working behind the scenes for such hit programs as, Undercover Boss, Wife Swap, the Marriage Ref, the Fairy JobMother, Romance Cruise, Fix My Family, How the Other Half Lives, A Walk in Your Shoes, 7 Nights in Hell, Curiosity-How Evil are You?and many others. While clients have included NBC, CBS, the Discovery Channel, the Lifetime Network, and notable production studios, the central fuel that drives his work is with individuals in private practice—those seeking relief from anxiety, stress, and the challenges of an emotionally taxing world. His work as a clinical psychologist includes specialization in the treatment of anxiety, yet includes a range from in-patient hospital settings to work with celebrities and high profile professionals to the U.S. Navy. Dr. Camu has contributed provocatively clever and persuasive scholarly articles and press releases to the field of psychology, including such topics as Why Women Love the Narcissist, What is Intuition, Terrorism and Borderline PD, and The Juxtaposition of Why Therapists Enter the Field of Psychology. He served as the 2010-2011 Editor to the award winning publication, The San Diego Psychologist. Dr. Camu is the founding creative thinker behind “The Aggregate Model of Anxiety” suggesting that anxiety typically develops as a build up of many, quite small contributing factors, including procrastination, to ultimately produce panic-attacks; until both small and large issues are addressed, (some scarcely identified by the client), anxiety will persist. Dr. Camu progressively applies his breadth of training and professional experience to ultimately apply it where it is needed most, helping individual clients find happiness, peace, and emotional fulfillment in all of their life endeavors through an enriching and eye-opening therapy experience.



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