“Merely tolerating stress and anxiety can be much different than thriving and living a confident, comfortable and rewarding life. Be the person you imagine, make life work on your terms.”

Dr. Jason N. Camu, lic. psychologist-Fuel Center at Carlsbad, CA

Do worry, anxiety and stress interfere with your life?

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Is it becoming harder to find happiness each day because of your worries
  • Restless sleep, going over and over things in your mind
  • Worried about what to do or what will happen next, intelligent and smart but still can’t find the solutions
  • Private insecurities about your looks, your job, money, making you feel stuck
  • Fears of the future; know what to do, but can’t make it happen
  • Using a bit too much alcohol to cope
  • Relationships less than perfect

Are your worries now controlling you? Feeling overwhelmed?

For many, life continues to slip through their fingers as they struggle to find solutions. Work, health, family, relationships, divorce—we are faced with tremendous challenges each day that can easily become overwhelming. And tomorrow it starts all over again.

Fuel Treatment Centers—We Can help you Make Changes

If any of the above resonates with you it is because You Are Not Alone. 19 million Americans suffer from intrusive problems with anxiety. One in four people, that is 57.7 million people in the U.S. struggle with emotional problems that are diagnosable.

The good news is that therapy can make a difference. Did you know that research shows that therapy is highly effective for anxiety? Fuel has a competent, professional, and trained staff assembled for your needs.

There is no need to avoid your problems, you may simply be avoiding your own happiness!

Why Fuel Centers? No Risk guaranteed services

  • Trained team of licensed doctors and staff
  • Free telephone consultation with a staff member
  • Instructional classes/workshops offer a 6-month full money-back guarantee
  • You may qualify for financial adjustment or sliding fee
  • Professional courtesy fees available to other clinicians and students

What is more important than your happiness… take control NOW.

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